Buying ok coinbase is requiring a wire transfer to Denmark?

2022.01.20 02:32 olivepitzz Buying ok coinbase is requiring a wire transfer to Denmark?

I’m super new to cryptocurrency, but really believe in the foundational reasoning behind it. Long story short, I dabbled a bit with buying some crypto from Robinhood and now moved on to a cold wallet to own my crypto.
Today I tried to purchase my first crypto on coin base and had a number of red flags. Red flag 1: Scan in a pasture of my ID. Red flag 2: Let a website take a video of me. Red flag 3: Send a wire transfer to someone in Denmark. I can live with red flags 1 and 2, but red flag 3 weirded me out.
Has anyone had this experience and is it normal? Are there other exchanges I should be looking at aside from coin base just to convert cash to crypto? Open to any and all advice and would love to hear how any of you got past the initial buy. Thanks in advance!
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2022.01.20 02:32 Objective_Bass9596 This geko has one more tail

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2022.01.20 02:32 CharlieCarbon Absolutely in love with these dunks. Would anyone have any hoodie/sweatshirt recommendations that would match these ? Thanks x

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2022.01.20 02:32 PerhapsAnEmoINTJ when the imposter is lit

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2022.01.20 02:32 scotchnsoda Dimension one breeze throwing errors in freezing weather

Our dimension one spa has been running great, it when a winter storm came through it started throwing errors.
We get 2 blinking red light, and the temperature resets itself to 98 degrees. If I flip the breaker and reset it, it goes back to normal function. It seems like the sub freezing temps are having an affect on the tub.
I would appreciate if anyone has any ideas on why this is happening.
Thanks in advance.
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2022.01.20 02:32 creature04 I have 3 questions revolving around trading in pokemon games. *specifically pokemon X if it needs to be said*

  1. Can you still trade in this/these games? Idk if trading uses some sort of server thing that got shut down some time ago so im curious.
  2. Is there a limit to how far a person has to be In Order to trade?
  3. Can you trade between any DS system? As long as it's same pokemon game?
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2022.01.20 02:32 Madhabistudio Spring Promotion Sell Offer Flyer Spring Sell Offer Poster | Etsy

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2022.01.20 02:32 ClayDesk DevOps Engineers Role

DevOps is a "Culture" at first followed by technical tasks. Many of my students who are working as DevOps Engineers have varying degrees of responsibilities:
Some are purely doing Infrastructure as Code with Terraform and managing the infrastructure
Some are even working as Solutions Architects, and even helping the developers
Others are managing pipelines in Azure/AWS and responsible for configuring and managing DEV, QA, and production environments.
SO, DevOps Engineers are essentially a bridge between Dev and Ops. To say that they have the most versatile role, and each organization assigns tasks accordingly. So, I think DevOps Engineers are the ones who gain tremendous experience overtime.
At ClayDesk, we provide managed DevOps Services as AWS Consulting Partner.
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2022.01.20 02:32 Reborn_TM What can someone do or say that would make you want to be their friend instantly?

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2022.01.20 02:32 Initial_Adeptness_65 What are some things you do for your s/o simply because you love them?

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2022.01.20 02:32 FeedMeWhore First Icon in 3 years of FIFA. Man im so excited for Raul Albiol!!!

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2022.01.20 02:32 postmastern Старение сетчатки связали с повышением риска смерти от всех причин

Старение сетчатки связали с повышением риска смерти от всех причин Медики из трех стран обнаружили корреляцию между увеличением возраста сетчатки и повышением риска смертности от всех причин. Для определения возраста сетчатки 35000 человек они использовали алгоритм, основанный на глубоком обучении, а затем сравнили получившееся значение с реальным возрастом. После построения регрессионной модели ученые обнаружили, что каждый дополнительный год разницы между возрастом сетчатки и хронологическим возрастом человека ассоциировался с увеличением риска смерти от всех причин на два процента. Работа опубликована в British Journal of Ophthalmology.
Wikimedia Commons
Состояние сетчатки может многое рассказать о здоровье. Это связано с тем, что на глазном дне располагается большое количество сосудов, в которых патологические изменения происходят синхронно с изменениями в сосудах всего организма. Поэтому офтальмоскопию часто пытаются адаптировать для диагностики других заболеваний, даже несвязанных со зрением.
К примеру, недавно медики научились определять риск возникновения сердечно-сосудистых заболеваний по ветвлению сосудов сетчатки и состоянию диска зрительного нерва. В этом им помог алгоритм, основанный на методах глубокого обучения, который, помимо риска кардиологических болезней, мог также сказать об индексе массе тела человека, артериальном давлении и гликированном гемоглобине.
Медики из Австралии, Германии и Китая во главе с Mingguang He (Мингуан Хэ) из Больницы провинции Гуандун использовали алгоритмы глубокого обучения, чтобы по ветвлению и ширине сосудов сетчатки предсказать риск смерти от всех причин. Сначала алгоритм обучили узнавать возраст человека по состоянию его глазного дна, используя 19200 изображений сетчатки правого глаза от 11052 здоровых людей в возрасте от 40 до 69 лет из исследования UK Biobank. Алгоритм научился называть возраст человека со средней ошибкой в 3,55 года.
Затем исследователи взяли еще 35913 человек из исследования UK Biobank, для которых были доступны данные по десятилетней смертности. С помощью уже обученного алгоритма медики оценили возраст сетчатки их глаз, а затем сравнили его с хронологическим возрастом участников исследования. Для статистического анализа использовали регрессию Кокса, с помощью которой оценили, как связана разница между возрастом сетчатки и реальным возрастом со смертностью от всех причин.
Оказалось, каждый дополнительный год разницы между возрастом сетчатки и хронологическим возрастом ассоциируется с увеличением риска смерти от всех причин (hazard ratio = 1,02, 95% CI 1,00-1,03, p = 0,020). Интересно, что ученые не нашли никакой корреляции с риском смертности от сердечно-сосудистых и онкологических заболеваний.
Работа не объясняет причины найденной ассоциации. Кроме этого, авторы указывают на ограничение в исследовании — офтальмоскопию каждому человеку проводили только в начале исследования, и невозможно было проследить, как картина менялась со временем.
Методы машинного обучения часто превосходят врачей в диагностике заболеваний. Так американские исследователи разработали метод автоматической диагностики ретинопатии новорожденных, который показал точность в 98 процентов и в эксперименте превзошел в правильности постановки диагноза профессиональных офтальмологов.
Анастасия Кузнецова-Фантони
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2022.01.20 02:32 illexthesquid The Boba Motivations Recap from Ep. 4

For me, Ep. 4 answered a decent number of my questions about Boba's motivations as a character. It was most of what I hoped for out of the next episode of Mando. Even Ep. 2, for me, wasn't satisfactory beyond the cool Tusken world building. We now have answers to questions many have been asking the last few weeks. Tons of characterization and motivation establishment. Here's the QandA. Some people may have called these motivations, etc. But it's different to have it actually confirmed in the show rather than someone's headcanon.

  1. Why does Boba want to be a crimelord in the first place? Why did he stop bounty hunting?
Boba reflects he's tired of working risky jobs for shitty people (understandable after the Sarlaac). You can sense a bit of fear of dying here, but mostly he wants to make a family, house, or tribe - whatever you want to call it that is a place for people like him, especially after his experience with the Tuskens.
He is tired of the dismissive way he and Fennec (and others like them) are treated like tools and genuinely thinks he is smart enough to do it better. He does not want to be a lone hunter anymore, but wants someone to have his back. His dad died alone on the battlefield with no one watching his back.
But most importantly, the answer as to why Tatooine, why here, why Jabba's turf. Why a crimelord and not a mayor or some other authority figure? Boba remarks he wants revenge on someone who double-crossed him, and I think it's Bib. A natural perk of vengeance is that now there is a convenient vacuum he can fill, so why not build out your tribe from there, using what you know? I don't think Boba wants to be a crime lord for the sake of being a crime lord. Being a crime lord is the most logical place for him to build a clan/family/house given his experiences and the opportunities available to him.
  1. Why is Boba acting different from Mando? Why is he being so nice to everyone and holding back?
This episode established a strong desire to have a tribe after his experience with the Tuskens. Not just the desire - but Boba genuinely believes being part of a tribe makes him stronger. But Boba's lone-wolf attitude didn't just disappear. It morphed. When you combine a lone-wolf "me against the world" mindset with a tribe/group, it just becomes "us against the world." In other words, Boba still does a lot of in-grouping and out-grouping, but his group expands to be more than just himself.
If you are in his tribe, he will treat you one way. If you aren't, totally different. In Mando, Boba is brutal and does whatever it takes to get what he wants from Mando, including threatening the child. His tribe is Fennec at that point. Once tensions are resolved, Boba's new tribal mentality expands to include Din as a holder of a debt, and he treats him differently. In the current timeline after taking power, Boba's conception of his tribe has expanded to Mos Espa and all its inhabitants, with him at the head of tribe. So, he is more lenient with others he sees as part of his tribe and treats them more like a disappointed paternal figure disciplining or correcting them, rather than external threat. This explains his patience with the Vespas, the Mayor's folks, and his generally softer approach in Espa.
Now, if a member of the tribe starts hurting the tribe and can't be corrected, Boba will amp it up (see the rising escalations with the Mayor or the water monger). But the short of it is, if he considers you part of the tribe, he will treat you differently. In Mando, his conception of his tribe was extremely limited, so he treated most he encountered as outsiders. If you are a clear threat to his tribe, however, you are fair game for a strafing run from Slave 1.
The destruction of the Tuskens obviously weighs heavy on him now as well, and he feels his actions caused it, so he hesitates more and is more cautious if he feels like his actions will hurt the tribe in the long run.
  1. Why did Boba let BK go? Seems stupid.
Boba explicitly mentioned wanting to make a place for people like him and Fennec, and clearly saw both of them as having been used by shitty people to do shitty things (probably ties in heavy to him being double crossed by Bib). In short, he now has a soft spot for mercs like them that are tossed around like bartering chips.
Note that is exactly what the Hutts did with BK - literally try to use him as a bargaining chip to be thrown away. Coming on the heels of that, Boba probably felt a lot of sympathy and may have killed BK if that hadn't happened (he does remark it was a choice between releasing or killing). Is this stupid? Arguably. Does his conversation with Fennec outline Boba's loftier motivations for making such a choice? I think so. It's much better than "he's just a nice guy now." He did make the skugholes comment, but the convo with Fennec was way more insightful into this mindset than that comment in isolation. Boba has a vision and he laid it out - a family or tribe for people like him, BK, and Fennec, mercs others just see as tools.
  1. Why didn't Boba try to escape form the Tuskens more than once? What affinity did he have and why?
I think the answer to this is mostly in Boba's comments that he spent years with the Tuskens. Between when he rescues the kid (after which he is treated better) and he steals the bikes (the first real chance they showed us he could have escaped), I think significantly more time had passed than the pacing/scenes communicated. This is a failure of the production, but in terms of his in-character motivation to stay with the Tuskens, he had way longer to form a bond with them than we were shown, most of it before the bikes were stolen. The train scene clearly happened much later in the Tusken years, as the tribe is destroyed after the first attempt to collect protection money. Seeing as he was already wanting to leave hunting behind, it seems he just became invested in the tribe before another meaningful opportunity presented itself.

TLDR: Just leave the thread if you don't want to read.
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2022.01.20 02:32 Kitchen-Commission47 the prettiest girl

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2022.01.20 02:32 Ush728 Google List My home Address By Search my name to

Thank for anyone reading this.
I have a unique name, I remember started 5 years ago, when I search my name on google, my home address shows at the first search page and link to my home address at
I contacted both google and blockshopper. Surprisingly Both of them says they can not delete the record as it is public information. Unless I have police report related to this. ( I really do not understand, if I already have police report. That means someone already know my name and trying to attack me, then what is the point to remove it? )
As I am new immigrants in U.S. Is that a basic sense home address is a PUBLIC INFORMATION?
Some solution:

  1. Change all my name in Social Media, use it in social media and work. But do not change my official name
  2. Change all my name in Social Media and official name in U.S. (this may causes a lot of trouble later)
  3. Create a trust, and move the home to the trust. But I really do not know when blockshopper and google can update their index.
  4. Find a lawyer to solve this. The attorney says $360 per hour on it. It is too expensive to me if more tan 3 hours. And I am not sure is really a bad website, they definitely can do better to protect other privacy without impact their business.
This is really frustrated. Is there anyone can given more solution or tips? It would be highly appreciated if there is anything I can try.
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2022.01.20 02:32 oporin Hrebak: ‘Trebamo jednostavno ukinuti covid potvrde, to sam predložio na koalicijskom sastanku‘

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2022.01.20 02:32 OppositeLeader4203 Abu Dhabi 'drone attack': India calls it 'unacceptable', assures of support to families of victims. Now will India take any actions to set a precedent that will act as a deterrent against such actions in the future or they're going to let those responsible off the hook this time as well.

Abu Dhabi 'drone attack': India calls it 'unacceptable', assures of support to families of victims. Now will India take any actions to set a precedent that will act as a deterrent against such actions in the future or they're going to let those responsible off the hook this time as well. submitted by OppositeLeader4203 to OfficialIndia [link] [comments]

2022.01.20 02:32 Independent-Equal-77 Okay so there is a lot of talk about dropping 3/4 zeroes… let’s say that actually occurs; what happens next??

Me personally, being in Australia, 50% would be placed aside for the cheeky tax man and then I would probably stare at my computer for the next hour trying to contemplate what to do with the rest. And yes I’m a huge advocate for this coin, 35T and counting
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2022.01.20 02:32 DeadEyeDelco I'm trying to play Poppy Playtime with Mediashare plz send me memes while i play lol

Watch DelcoVEVO with me on Twitch!
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2022.01.20 02:32 Apprehensive-Duty-10 GOT AN OFFER FOR ADMISSION IN M.ENG PROGRAM

So I was offered an admission into western's m.eng program in mechanical engineering. Is it worth pursuing a m.eng program in mechanical at western? I am concerned about it being a 1 year course and I have no idea about employability and co-op opportunities here. Can someone help me take a decision?.
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2022.01.20 02:32 Cicis_Soles Anyone wanna low-key foot fuck in the Walmart fitting room? 🦶💦👅

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2022.01.20 02:32 Icy_Introduction4841 [USA-CA] [H] 2060 Super, 3070, 3070 Ti [W] Local Cash, PayPal

Local to Castro Valley
All cards are EVGA BStock
2060 Super SC Ultra Black
Asking $600 Local, $650 Shipped
3070 XC3 Ultra Gaming Full Hashrate (Non-lhr)
Asking $1025 Local, $1125 Shipped
3070 Ti FTW3 Ultra
Asking $1025 Local, $1100 Shipped
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2022.01.20 02:32 Aggravating-Song-858 Wristwatch?

I have seen posts with Sasquatch wearing a watch. I am guessing it would be super helpful for getting to the timed release cache. How do you get one please?
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2022.01.20 02:32 chelchill8 Kaiser Permanente - LVN temp to per

Anyone know if it’s easy or typical for temporary LVN assignment can turn to permanent position after contract is done? I want to apply for a 90 day temp position in hopes of getting a permanent position but would want to know the likelihood of that happening. Anyone know if kaiser Permanente offers health benefits for a 90 day temp position as well?
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2022.01.20 02:32 professorex Big Time McCartney Boy

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