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Google Cards To Store Bitcoin And Crypto: Report

2022.01.20 02:21 grimy_proceedings Google Cards To Store Bitcoin And Crypto: Report

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2022.01.20 02:21 HoundNL Does this HUD has way too much stuff in your opinion? i'm trying to minimize it as much as possible and still get extra valuable info (ignore the mini player of the video i was watching in some SCs)

Does this HUD has way too much stuff in your opinion? i'm trying to minimize it as much as possible and still get extra valuable info (ignore the mini player of the video i was watching in some SCs)
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2022.01.20 02:21 GoodHominyGrits The Batman Who Laughs

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2022.01.20 02:21 ejderdogan Türkiye de MUHALEFET. (en öndeki iyi parti bi arkası CHP vb)

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2022.01.20 02:21 whodatlin636 rossal

rossal = best owner on discord
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2022.01.20 02:21 Bonus1Fact 'Want My Child Back': Gazan Christian Pleads For Help After 'Brainwashed' Daughter Converts to #Islam

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2022.01.20 02:21 Jamesredcoat Just I subbed from r/DiWHY. I miss the old stuff, not this mocking of real things.

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2022.01.20 02:21 Pure-Run-8161 Door Vin:

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2022.01.20 02:21 FreshGradWoes First job as a fresh grad, wasn't regularized. Possible next steps?

Hello po, sadly I wasn't regularized in my first job and lasted only for 4 months. Sabi sakin, mahihirapan po ako kumuha ng soft engg roles dahil po dito. Mediyo konti lang rin skills na nakuha ko sa company since proprietary tech yung gamit and nahirapan ako due to lack of documentation/mentoring.
Wala pa po ako nakitang ganitong scenario pero sabi ng pinsan ko sa IT field rin is mahihirapan ako makakuha ng trabahong pamalit. Iniisip ko po mag self study for 1-2 months then apply or shouldnI start applying na while self studying?
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2022.01.20 02:21 GamerHoodYT TikToker Saying N Word Repeatedly In TikTok Live For Every Gifts He Gets | Nick (filthy_gravy) Video

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2022.01.20 02:21 Just_A-Random-Girl My thoughts on ppl who don’t get the vaccine (debate welcome)

First off, just wanna say I’m pro vaccine and pro mandate. Recently I came across a server that rejoices over the death of antivaxxers. Taking joy in the end of others’ lives is not okay.
Now for the main topic: I don’t think all anti vaxxers are culpable
I go to a school that’s roughly 90% antivax. The families are some of the kindest I know. But these people have been fed lies and have been taught not to trust those who give true evidence. They only ever see Fox News and watch talk shows that discredit other news outlets. While it’s their fault they watch that, I genuinely think I would have been the same way if I was born into a sheltered family in an information bubble. It’s hard to break away fro
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2022.01.20 02:21 Prisoncurry8 [USA-NY][H] MSI Stealth 17" Gaming Laptop (RTX 2070, i7-9750H, 16GB RAM, 1TB SSD, 144Hz FHD) [W] Paypal

Got a nice sleek, slim and very powerful gaming laptop for sale. In excellent shape, almost like-new. Model MSI GS75 Stealth.

I couldn't find any recent history of this model being sold on this sub. But retail looks like ~$1500, so I am pricing way under that. If my price below is off please comment below and tell me. My prices are always OBO if they don't sell for asking.

MSI GS75 Stealth - $900 shipped
RTX 2070 Max-Q
17" 1080p 144hz Display
16Gb DDR4
Timestamp: https://imgur.com/a/RDso5jt
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2022.01.20 02:21 StangRacer598 My 1966 coupe

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2022.01.20 02:21 Bonus1Fact Every Country in #Scandinavia Breaks Daily Infection Records Amid Omicron Surge

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2022.01.20 02:21 LinusStudios ISO some rare photo of tyler like skating up or down a hill, its sunny, he's wearing some rayon with a weird print idk

please lemme knowwwww
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2022.01.20 02:21 ruebfies Raysfire copypaste document

Feel free to suggest your own https://docs.google.com/document/d/1uT4So00aVySxRxQPeSwph7u17bvqOrtrJU_FfTKsTG0/edit?usp=sharing
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2022.01.20 02:21 Caeldotthedot Why all the secrecy?

I don't understand the reluctance to post the name of a business you supposedly quit/work foheard about.
Like, what is the fear? Retaliation? That's illegal in most cases unless you are lying. Is it that you might screw others on your team?
I'm asking because I'm honestly curious and confused. I posted that I work for the University of Utah the other day and have no fear of retribution so I'm having a hard time understanding this trend.
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2022.01.20 02:21 Polish_pagan Do Norse Pagans celebrate Imbolc?

I’m just getting into Norse paganism, from studying “paganism” as a more broad term. Is there a. Irse holiday coming up on February 1-2 at the halfway point of the winter solstice and the spring equinox? And if there is how can I celebrate
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2022.01.20 02:21 Consistent_Milk545 Provision after a workout

What do you crave the most after a workout? And what do you go for?
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2022.01.20 02:21 LeviTheKingOfBrazil Um pequeno desabafo sobre a vida escolar.

Tenho 14 anos, sou homem, e a alguns dias atrás aconteceu algo bem frustrante na minha vida.
Em dezembro, fui fazer a prova do Ifsp (instituto federal), e me inscrevi para ETEC. Fiz a prova, apliquei tudo o que eu havia estudado, e a alguns dias recebi a notícia que eu não passei em nenhuma das duas. Me senti totalmente burro, e incompetente, pq eu me esforcei demais pra isso, mas infelizmente não deu certo. Foi a minha primeira frustração, e como uma primeira experiência, foi péssimo, porém, sei que não será única e ultima vez. O que me deixou mais triste, foi uma colega minha totalmente despreocupada com a ETEC, passou!! Não que isso seja um problema, e de fato não é (a ETEC foi por nota).
Mas eu me esforcei tanto, mas pelo fato dela ter feito uma nota melhor que a minha há 3 anos atrás, ela passou. Sei que estou na minha fase de transição pra essa fase de adolescência, e por isso estou deixando claro que estou ciente disso.
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2022.01.20 02:21 Ben10no Silent treatment is abuse.

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2022.01.20 02:21 veteran3p0 Ohh bapa water weed dune hair

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2022.01.20 02:21 dxgreenxd VC ed. 3.2

I’m sitting on the sofa, curled up against my daddy as we hold each other and cry. Action Man Joe had told Sleaze that the clients had demanded high quality footage and proof of relationship, and that their phones weren’t going to cut it. Joe and David tied up my uncles, who were all sitting against the wall, stunned into silence at what was about to happen, and left to pick up decent video equipment.
Sleaze agreed to let me and daddy spend a last half hour together before everything changed. He’s stroking my hair and telling me he’s sorry again and again, that he never imagined it could go this far, that he’d give his life if it would stop it. He starts to talk about afterwards. That we’ll just get through this and then pretend it never happened. It was a horrible dream and nothing has to change. I know he’s trying to convince himself more than me. I nod and tell him that’s how it’ll work. That I know he doesn’t want to do this. That I’ll still love him.
He looks over to Sleaze and says, “look, there’s no reason she has to be sober for this, right? She can drink enough to pass out and then maybe she won’t remember much? I’ll do what you’re telling me to, but she doesn’t have to be aware.”
Sleaze looks at him with pity and answers, “if it were up to me, I’d let you fuck her while she’s passed out. But the clients were specific. They didn’t want a fake daddy and daughter, and they didn’t want it to be consensual. They want her to be crying, to know exactly what’s being done to her. It’s out of my hands.”
We all go quiet when we hear the car pull up outside. Daddy tenses, then wraps me in a huge hug, as tight as he can. He cries as he tells me how much he loves me and that I have to do whatever I need to to get through this. If it means hating him or fighting or being passive or responding well, he won’t judge me. Just survive.
Joe and David come in with cameras and tripods and lights and set up efficiently. They’ve obviously done things like this before. David keeps looking over at me, and at one point grins and slowly licks the finger he’d had inside me. “You sure you won’t let me have a go, Boss? She was tight around one finger. I think she’d be the best fuck I ever had.” Sleaze shuts him down with a look.
Once the equipment is set up, Joe and David manhandle my dad’s friends, who are still bound and gagged, into the chairs around the kitchen table. The poker chips and cards are all still in place. They all look scared and sick, and are just realising how close they’ll be to my small body as daddy takes my virginity. They haven’t even started to think about their part in it yet.
It seems that David’s taste for theatrics as he was stripping me is also useful in this. He’s acting as the director. Sleaze looks at us, still clutching each other on the sofa, and says, “it’s time. Get up.” I stand up shakily, just wearing the yoga pants and vest they let me put back on. Daddy stands behind me, then turns and throws up. I hold his hand and squeeze it.
David tells us to stand next to the kitchen table, my back to it. “The clients have some specific needs. You have to beg him to stop. You have to beg him not to rape you. You have to cry. If you don’t comply, I’ll fuck you until you break and I’ll take your daddy’s eyes. Understood?”
I nod, crying again, knowing how much this is going to hurt us both. “And Paul, you have to be rough. You have to hold her down, and once you get going, no gentle strokes. I’d offer you a blue pill, but I know you must have thought about her like this. You’re living the dream! You get to fuck your sweet baby girl and still say you didn’t want to, that you had to. I know you’ve been hard thinking about her tight young body before because every man who sees her has. Just pretend it’s one of those shameful nights you got drunk and jerked off picturing your little girl’s lips around your cock.”
I am horrified, but out of the corner of my eye I see Uncle Shawn and Uncle Jerry shifting uncomfortably in their chairs, looking at the floor. Luckily, daddy is too preoccupied to notice. He is standing very, very still, barely breathing. I look into his eyes questioningly, and his face crumples. “I’m sorry,” he says in a small, defeated voice, and lowers his eyes. I follow his gaze and see his shame – a big bulge in his jeans, his cock straining at the fabric.
David smiles triumphantly, and tells us to take our places.
I stand in front of the kitchen table, now cleared of most of the poker game, but a few chips and cards remain. My uncles are on chairs pulled in close. Daddy stands in front of me. I know my life is about to change. I just have to get through this. I lift my head and meet dad’s eyes.
The cameras start rolling, and daddy takes a deep breath. David spoke to the clients when they were out getting the cameras to find out if they wanted a fake plot or if this was good enough. They liked the real story of everyone being unwilling. So, after he reminds me not to be too passive, we just start.
Daddy steps forward, looking down at me. He’s 6’1” and a swimmer, still in shape. His dark red hair is exactly like mine except for a few strands of grey. I look back at him and I see the shame in his eyes. I had planned to tell him that it was OK, I knew it wasn’t him and I’d never hold it against him, but his erection has confused me. I know men don’t have a lot of control over what makes them hard but I still feel weird that it was a description of him fantasising about me which got him there. So I stay silent. I don’t tell him it’ll be ok because I don’t know if it will.
He reaches out to lift my vest top. I hold it down. He looks at me pleadingly, but I’m not playing a part. I have only ever played around a bit with a boyfriend – I wanted to wait until it was perfect before giving myself to someone. I don’t know how this works and I’m so used to stopping the insistent boys from school that I can’t override the habit. Daddy pulls harder, and I wrap my arms around me, holding it in place. He realises I’m not going to help, not going to be passive, and he closes his eyes and rests his forehead on mine. I think for one wild moment that it’s over, but then he kisses me on the top of my hair once and says clearly, “I’m sorry, my sweet girl. I don’t want to do this but I have to protect you. I hope you can forgive me someday.” He straightens, and his eyes go dark as I watch. It’s the only warning I have.
He grabs my arms and easily pulls them up, holding my wrists together above my head in one of his big hands. With the other, he yanks my flimsy vest top up and over my head, then uses it to wrap around my wrists. It won’t hold long, but long enough for him to bend and push down my yoga pants. As soon as the waistband clears my hips they slide smoothly down my legs. I try to clench my thighs together to stop it but daddy holds my wrists higher, making me stand on tiptoes and move my legs around for balance. I am suddenly fully naked, exposed. David shifts the camera to get a better view of my small, pale body, stretched out as I’m suspended by my wrists.
Daddy steps forward, closing the gap between us, pressing his clothed body against me. I shudder as I feel the hard bulge against my stomach. Using his body, he bends me backwards over the table, then quickly lifts me by my arms so I’m perched on the edge. I struggle, feeling him trying to open my legs so he can stand between them. It’s pointless, though. I’m no match for his athleticism or size. He lets go of my bound wrists and presses a hand to my sternum, easily pushing me back so I’m lying flat on the table. With his other hand, he pulls one of my thighs to the side and pushes himself between my legs. The denim of his jeans feels rough against my smooth, untouched skin. He closes his eyes as he holds me down – his hand carefully not on my breasts but the bone between them. When he feels me stop struggling against him, he slowly, reluctantly undoes his belt and flies, and pulls his boxers down.
I only glance quickly – I’m trying to focus on the ceiling, but I see a much bigger cock than I was expecting. I’ve never seen a naked one before, just felt the hard-ons boys would get when we kissed and they groped me a bit. Daddy’s is big. It’s at least 7”, and it’s thick. Really thick. I’m suddenly much more scared than I was a minute ago.
Sleaze laughs off-camera, saying, “Ha, David, looks like she’s going to be ruined anyway. I know you’re longer but he’s going to stretch that girl to breaking point. You might get a go on her after all, once everyone else is done.”
Daddy sobs, leaning forward onto the table, broken. “I can’t do this, Lonnie. You can’t make me do this. Please.” He sounds so defeated. And I guess I know the name of the man who’s ruining my life.
Sleaze… Lonnie… gets up and walks over to the table I’m lying on. I’m so exposed: completely naked, my legs spread, surrounded by men. He gestures to Joe, who passes him the switchblade he’d held to Daddy’s eye earlier. Lonnie opens it slowly, then walks round the table until he’s standing above my head. Daddy has gone even more white than usual, and is shaking. I look up at Lonnie as he stands over me, the blade flashing in the studio lights. He gently presses it against my throat, staring at my father. I feel the pressure increase, a sharp pain, and a tiny trickle of warm blood. “I have already promised our clients this movie. If you can’t do this, I’ll be letting them down, and I’ll need to offer them something else. Do you want to imagine what other films they might want to see? Do you think they’d want to see the video of the man or men she’ll be sold to when they take her? Or do you think, if she makes it back, they’ll want to see the one they’ve been asking about for a while… the one where a girl is raped for hours, and then her throat is cut and then they keep raping her body as it cools. I’ve always refused them, but if you make me let them down, I’m going to have to give them something special.
So you can do this, Paul. Or your little girl will spend her last days screaming.” Daddy turns away and retches into the sink, shaking and crying. When he gets control of his breathing, he straightens and comes back to me taking his place between my legs again. Lonnie looks down. “Looks like you need a reminder that this isn’t all bad. Touch her tits, Paul.” Daddy hesitates, but Lonnie presses the blade again and I wince. I feel my father’s touch – hesitant, featherlight, just tracing the curve of my breasts. “Come on Paul. Do it properly. No need to be ashamed. We all saw how hard you got thinking about these perfect lips on your cock, your daughter’s mouth filled with your cum, her beautiful young body waiting for you to use her. Of course you want her. What man wouldn’t want this. Now touch her properly”
He places one hand on each of my breasts, and squeezes. As he gropes and rolls them, pushing them together, he lets out a low groan. His thumbs rub my nipples, and he moans, sighs. Lonnie takes the knife from my throat and, looking down, I see why. Between my open legs, my father’s naked cock is back to being fully erect, hovering over my pussy. Lonnie prods my shoulder, whispers, “remember, you have to beg,” and he moves out of shot.
I take a deep breath, watching Daddy as he gropes me. He seems to be getting carried away. “Daddy… please… please don’t daddy…” He squeezes his eyes shut as if it could stop him hearing me, but I notice his cock does not go soft. In fact, it starts twitching every time I speak. I freak out a bit, and without thinking I try to pull away from him, scrabbling backwards. His eyes fly open and he grabs my thighs, pulling me back so my bare pussy is against his legs, and then he leans over, grabbing my arms and pinning them to the table. Pinning me to the table. He is breathing hard, his face inches from mine, but this position has pushed his cock against my slit. My eyes go wide as he looks at me. “Daddy… no… please no…” He starts to slowly rub himself against me. He shifts himself until his long, thick shaft is nestled between my pussy lips and then he starts to slide it up and down. The swollen head of his cock keeps running over my clit and I gasp, trying to push him off. He lets me up by an inch and then slams me back down on the table, his breathing coming faster.
“It’s OK baby girl… don’t be afraid… just be a good girl and it’ll be over soon. I love you so much, sweetheart. Please just… just let daddy do this.”
“Daddy no! Think about what you’re doing… I’m your little girl… you know you can’t do this to me… please daddy don’t hurt me.” He shudders as I talk, but at my last comment he groans low and quiet, and starts rubbing himself on me faster. To my horror, I realise I’ve turned him on more. Lonnie was right.
He leans down and kisses me gently, and says, “I’m going to put it in now, baby. It’s going to hurt. I’m so sorry. You know I never want to hurt you. If you don’t fight me, it should be less painful. You might even enjoy it a bit. Just stay still and let me do this and it’ll be over soon. I’m so sorry, sweetheart. This was never how I wanted your first time to go.”
I make one last ditch attempt, unable to do anything else. “I’m not ready daddy. Please don’t do this to me. I’ll never tell anyone. Daddy… I’m begging you… don’t…”
He kisses me again, then, still pinning my wrists to the table, he looks me deep in the eyes and positions the swollen head of his huge cock at the entrance to my pussy. I start to cry again, and he braces himself…
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2022.01.20 02:21 Vaeon Look out, he's got a harpoon gun!

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2022.01.20 02:21 Brandon_LOWELIFE Recommendations?

Hello everyone, let me preface by saying that I am a bi curious male. I hope that doesn’t pose any problems. I have consumed my fair amount of lesbian media, including Visual Novels, anime, manga, and now, novels. I started reading Winter Jacket by Eliza Lentzski a couple weeks ago. (my introduction to lesbian romance novels) I absolutely cannot (!!!) stress how much I love it! I can’t no matter how hard I try. I am almost done with the series, having just started the fourth and final entry. I have never been so enthralled in my life. Ever, I think. I am so emotionally invested that I find myself crying while reading, or I’ll tear up in general throughout the day if I think about Hunter and Elle too long because I love them so much. I don’t want it to end in a few days. I know I will be heartbroken, and a little depressed. I suppose the best thing to turn to after Winter Jacket would be more of Ms. Lentzski’s stuff, but I thought I would get opinions. Does anyone know anything similar. The sex and explicit nature is a must (I swear, that isn’t coming from a place of being super horny or anything like that, it’s just really hot, and I really like it) Thank you so much :)
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