bnyaz yat9n hnezr nf853 er4h6 7dskt 8n8tr tbrbb 6ira8 6ne5e 69zyf rsk85 77f5n zisak t7297 y5i3y sytbe 4tzds n9ky5 4fbhh r5db4 🐶 Viking Shiba- Just Launched - Low Fees - 1000x Gem - Trending On Twitter, 7% Doge Rewards 🔥 |

🐶 Viking Shiba- Just Launched - Low Fees - 1000x Gem - Trending On Twitter, 7% Doge Rewards 🔥

2022.01.20 01:35 iccaecumsa 🐶 Viking Shiba- Just Launched - Low Fees - 1000x Gem - Trending On Twitter, 7% Doge Rewards 🔥









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LP Locked:
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2022.01.20 01:35 bananasprites Does anybody else prefer morning class than afternoon class?

I rather wake up very early for class than attend a 1pm class. I can't do anything in the morning and I get so nervous when its about to be 1pm. All I can think about is that I have a class in the afternoon and it sucks.
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2022.01.20 01:35 EconomicsGrand7290 170312 blackpinkofficial Jisoo IG Update

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2022.01.20 01:35 Mechanialist 这两年我最大的遗憾就是不能去各种徒步和爬山。自从前几年腾格里沙漠徒步,又去爬完华山,我就爱上了爬山和徒步。平时健身房里的训练也是为了爬山准备的。这两年完全没办法去爬山,计划了好久的两天爬完黄山也还没搞定。哎。

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2022.01.20 01:35 Olaf372 High as fuck but crazy bordem

Anyone up skiing wanna chat shit haha any random conversation
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2022.01.20 01:35 Fun-Boysenberry-9615 Marks Dirt Worx

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2022.01.20 01:35 oneloudbanana on nostupidquestions

I jerked off online to a scammer who now has my face and penis on video and is threatening to send to my followers. What do I do Title says it all. I don’t think anything will happen but I’m kinda spooked
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2022.01.20 01:35 ZiggyZig1 where can we volunteer?

i was just reading a book and theres a chapter in it about how volunteering makes people happier and helps depression. i might add the exact stats later. but it made it sound like a great thing to do even if for personal benefit,
so anyway! can anyone recommend a place? i prefer a somewhat public facing one rather than sweeping in a backroom somewhere.
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2022.01.20 01:35 Blasianaa Weed mix with herbal leaves

I saw that mixing tea leaves with weed is a good alternative option for tobacco, has anyone tried it? can you use tea bags like mint or chamomile?? 🤔
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2022.01.20 01:35 ToastnPickles My lovely cat turns 1 on February 1st! What a journey!

My lovely cat turns 1 on February 1st! What a journey! submitted by ToastnPickles to cats [link] [comments]

2022.01.20 01:35 Rdwc Anyone else work for two competing bars? Just got hired at a bar less than 100ft from the one I’m currently at.

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2022.01.20 01:35 ForeignSun14 CD/DVDs

Are you guys aware if they still make audio CDs or DVDs/bluray discs? My girlfriend is in India and was wondering if they are still available to purchase at audio shops, whether they are new movies are older (2000s).
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2022.01.20 01:35 Latuga17 Navy Hybrid Leather came in today!

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2022.01.20 01:35 nobodybymitski [over 18] 🕳

[over 18] 🕳 submitted by nobodybymitski to selfie [link] [comments]

2022.01.20 01:35 Intelligent-Farm-606 Anything cool to make that you always have carrying around with you.

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2022.01.20 01:35 DaBolander Smoked bird!

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2022.01.20 01:35 Abigail3405 Greek mythology retelling

I’ve been looking for mm greek gods retellings recommendations, or anything in a Greek historical setting. It’s hard finding books in the settings of Greek mythology. I’ll really be happy if you can share some books you’ve read in this context. It would be very much appreciated. ☺️
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2022.01.20 01:35 CreativePackage8358 why i think revenant is not the one who Truley killed Lobas parents

I think revenant technically did not kill loba's parents because Hammond controlled who he targets (before he realize he was Mr. Roboto) so... loba should kill Hammond instead
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2022.01.20 01:35 CoronaComeCloser Today my boss proudly told me that his daughter is a furry, without fully realizing the capacity of that statement

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2022.01.20 01:35 Selkiequeen20 Suggest me a YA book with a romance similar to the movie Anastasia

I really love the movie Anastasia and want a YA book with a similar romance to Dimitri and Anya.
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2022.01.20 01:35 YesterdayRound9480 [xbox] [h] tw octane [w] sweeper/tact black tunica

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2022.01.20 01:35 Blackfell0518 Score from my local store

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2022.01.20 01:35 Secret-Willingness55 Ah yes, ark

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2022.01.20 01:35 BeeReys Please may I have some words of encouragement

I am loving keto. It's been 20 days, my skin is clearing up (psoriasis), my lungs are feeling better (asthma), I'm happier, I sleep better, and yep I've dropped a few kgs - bonus! My mum is staying with us for a few days and giving me hell over my 'picky eating', all because I turned down a bread roll FFS. Her last dig got me down, "you don't even look that much better." Rude. Please can you tell me all your favourite things about keto, and all your witty comebacks to nasty words from non-believers?
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2022.01.20 01:35 TONDEMO-WONDERZ Anyone know what level I’m on? The doors don’t open and I’m not sure when the stairs end

Anyone know what level I’m on? The doors don’t open and I’m not sure when the stairs end submitted by TONDEMO-WONDERZ to backrooms [link] [comments]